Smackdown Results: Brock Lenser did a deadly attack on Roman


Smackdown Results: On Friday Night SmackDown, Brock Lesnar took revenge on The Bloodline for a Madison Square Garden live event. Brock Lesnar destroyed his car with the help of a forklift when Roman Reigns and his brothers Jay and Jimmy Usos were sitting in the car backstage.

Roman Reigns starts SmackDown and cuts his promo. Reigns asked the fans to acknowledge him. Reigns later told that he had made Lesnar bad and he would do it again. Paul Heyman said that Brock Lesnar will not be seen on SmackDown and fans were disappointed to hear this. Reigns told that he wanted to see Lesnar because he wanted to make him bad again.

Smackdown Results: The Tribal Chief claimed that The Beast is afraid of him. Paul Heyman stops them and tells them that Lesnar is on the way and is on the way. Roman looked a little worried and went backstage. Backstage Roman Reigns and The Usos sat in the car. In no time, Brock Lesnar came with a forklift and attacked the car badly. He overturned the car and then got into the Bloodline truck but Lesnar chased him. They broke the gate of the car here.

In fact, the anger of Brock Lesnar that was seen on SmackDown today was due to a crush on Roman Reigns and his brothers at the Madison Square Garden live event. During the live event, Brock Lesnar was present in the ring.

Coming from behind, The Tribal Chip Roman dropped Brock with a Superman Punch but counter-attacking Brock Lesnar gave Roman back to back suplex.

Jimmy and Jay Usos came to help Roman but fell heavily on them, seeing them Paul also tried to attack Brock with a steel cher to help his Tribal Chip but he failed. Brock grabbed Paul Heyman in his paw. Roman Reigns attacked Brock with a steel cher. Roman Reigns slammed Brock on that steel steps with a forceful move, with Jimmy and Jay Usos bringing steel steps into the ring, in the end Roman Reigns was seen holding the Tono Championships.

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